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LEGO®️ and Brain Benefits

The LEGOs the majority of us grew up with have been around since 1949. Interlocking bright-colored, plastic bricks to build whatever our imaginations came up with…and the pieces we had allowed us to. During more recent years, many people have expressed concern about more set kits being manufactured, requiring people to follow “strict guidelines.” I have had conversations with people saying the same thing, or have heard someone make a comment as we walk down the toy aisles at Target and come across Lego set after Lego set. I understand why people may think this. Having a boxed set of specific colors, pieces, and instructions limits the creativity compared to the classic Lego sets. However, as someone who enjoys challenging different functions of the brain, I believe putting together sets with specific instructions is just as important as being creative.

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Multi-Purpose Magnet Board

Easy DIY poster board for all your OT needs! I was brainstorming ideas for one of the clients I work with that is nonverbal, but does use a homemade communication board: whiteboard with “yes” and “no” written on it. When you ask a question, the client uses their hand to point to the corresponding answer. I noticed that the words were always in the same location: “Yes” on the right and “No” on the left. Due to the various diagnoses, I wanted to make sure the client was scanning and thinking through the answer, instead of just memorizing where each answer was on the whiteboard. I made two variations of the multi-purpose magnet board, one for the specific client, and a larger one that can be used in the therapy gym for other clients. Continue reading “Multi-Purpose Magnet Board”

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Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Gifts for the Occupational Therapists in your life.

The holidays are among us and you’re almost done with your list…except you notice you still don’t know what to get for the OT, COTA, or student in your life. You’re torn between something handy, something fun, or something functional. Here’s a list of some of the items I have found helpful as both a student and new practitioner and some of the ones I wish I would have had to ease the transition from graduate school to the real world.

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11 Things I’m Thankful For

2018 has been a huge year for me. I decided to really reflect on what I’m thankful for this year. I was going to make it 10 things, but I had trouble narrowing it down and since November is the 11th month, then why not make it 11? Here’s my list:


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Movie Night

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about good books for OT students to read, so I decided it was time to compile a short list of movies that any healthcare students and practitioners can enjoy. The list is compiled of a few movies that have been personally recommended to me and I know there are so many others. Feel free to add any movies you’ve enjoyed! 

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I Applied But Was Rejected…Now What?

“Thank you for your interest in ___________. After careful consideration of your application, I am sorry to inform you…”

“We are sorry to inform you…”

“…you have been placed on the waitlist.”

“There was a competitive pool of applicants this year…”

Opening your email to read these words can be deflating. You’ve spent months getting observation hours, completing pre-requisites, requesting letters of recommendation, navigating through the application system, researching schools…and many of you probably work or go to school on top of all that. I was working full-time as a rehabilitation technician when I applied for OT programs and, let me tell you that when I did not get accepted, or even invited to interview, it caught me off guard and it definitely made me feel defeated.  You can read all about how I processed rejections a few years ago here.

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OTS to OTR: Passing the NBCOT

It has been a week since I saw those amazing words across my screen:

Congratulations on passing your exam!

Now that I have let it sink in, I can finally publish this post. I know the NBCOT is a huge step into our careers in the occupational therapy field, which makes it that much more nerve-racking. Basically the period leading up to the exam is stressful, as well as the period leading up to the results being posted…no matter how long you spent studying. In honoring the reasons I began this blog two years ago, which was to be candid about my experiences in my OT journey, I will be discussing the very real feelings of uncertainty I felt throughout studying, as well as the study tactics I used and materials I relied on.  Continue reading “OTS to OTR: Passing the NBCOT”